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I'm a small pretty doll you see
small and fragile
I bring happiness to the little girl 
I was her only and favorite doll
It didn't matter if I was the only one
I got the all the attention I wanted 
I didn't knew her name
She was the only girl of three brothers
She told me sercerts
I was her comfort for thunderous nights
Every now and then she was bruised up
She cried and bury her face in my pink dress
For that she made me pretty chotles 
One day she was gone for a little while
I saw her brothers but I didn't saw her
I thought something terrible has happen
She didn't have parents Atfer all
I was the last gift her parents gave her
it been more than a while now
Im getting dust on my minty dress
My bow has fallen off of my auburn hair
Atfer a long time
She was grown up
She hugged me and gave me kisses
She told me that they had sold her and done terrible things to her
One day I was shattered by her brother
Even though I'm a doll 
I can still feel pain
She cried so badly
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1 year of Devaintart anniversary by Rainbowslover 1 year of Devaintart anniversary :iconrainbowslover:Rainbowslover 3 0
Once was a lovely pearl
Once I was a lovely pearl
so yet beautiful and delicate to the world
Butterflies came and destoryed me
I became black charcoal 
Ate a pretty peach and became blue
Hoped to see another pearl again
crying to become white as snow 
became a midnight blue night sky
yet hoped to have hope that reach too high
Never saw a pearl again
I slowly rot away
I hope to never feel pain again
I saw a pearl 
So lovely yet white as snow
The lovely pearl help me regain
I felted happy thoughts
My white flesh felted fresh as a raindrop
One day that lovely pearl left me alone again
Yet I slowly rot away
Flowers began to fill my grave
That lovely pearl came 
and ask "What are you doing?"
I replied
"Even though you left me sad"
"I still love you dearly"
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A Test of Courage (Ciel x Reader x Alois 2)
A Test of Courage
(Ciel x Reader x Alois 2)
The bell echoed throughout the household for the millionth time, telling you that once again you were needed.  You tore the apron from around your neck and checked the cookies that you had placed in the oven five minutes before.  “He’s going to kill me…” You muttered as you rushed out into the hall.  You had been up and about all day, doing chores, running errands.  As you reached Alois’ chambers, you dared to lean against the doorframe to take some of the weight from your aching feet.  “Yes, Your Majesty?”
Alois’ hair was a wild disarray of golden tangles.  His eyes were half-lidded like he hadn’t slept in days.  He sneezed once…twice…three times.  “Where are my cookies?”
You sighed slightly and entered the room.  You placed one hand on your forehead and the other on his.  His fever had gotten worse.
“You k
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 349 555
Test of Courage (Ciel x Reader x Alois)
Test of Courage
(Ciel x Reader x Alois)
(Author’s note: This was a request from “chals099”.  Enjoy n_n!)
You sipped your tea in silence.  Your ex-boss and your potential boss were staring at one another.  Ciel’s expression was forcedly calm whereas Alois was outwardly outraged.  He crossed his arms and puckered his lips in a pouting manner.
“It’s not fair!  You CAN’T have her back!  You fired her!”  Alois snapped.  He jerked his chin towards Ciel.  “Plus, I’m a much better boss.”
“Oh, yes,” Ciel snorted.  “Much better.  You can almost afford to pay your servants half as much as I can.”
Alois laughed loudly.  He smacked his hand hard against the arm of his chair.  “Oh, that’s HILARIOUS!  Simply HILARIOUS!”
You groaned lowly and shook your head.  “Can you two stop being idiots for five seconds?  I
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 521 169
Alone (Alois x Reader)
(Alois x Reader)
(Author’s note:  This was a request from chals099.  This is my first attempt at an Alois x Reader so I hope it’s okay :D!)
“I really must be going now…”  You muttered as you glanced at the large clock hanging on the wall opposite the loveseat you were sitting on.  You placed your teacup down onto the silver tray in front of you and wrapped your coat around your shoulders.  The young man sitting across from you widened his eyes in shock.
“Preposterous!”  He objected.  “You’re not going anywhere!”
You blinked a few times.  You were a bit dumbfounded by the Trancy’s reaction.  Alois was strange, that was for sure, but you felt sort of bad for him.  You sensed so much loneliness in his tiny frame.  His eyes pleaded for company.  You stood and approached the door only to be blocked by Claude’s tall, dark figure.  He watched you with an emotionless expression.
“As the master so eloquently pu
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 456 143
My Prince (A Ciel Phantomhive Oneshot)
 My Prince
(A Ciel Phantomhive One-shot)
As I sat in the large study, awaiting my master’s arrival, my eyes fell upon a book lying open on the polished oak desk.  The fancy font and well-drawn picture on the cover drew my attention.  My eyebrow arched as I read the title.  Sleeping Beauty?  I picked it up and began skimming the pages.
                  It wasn’t long before Ciel entered the room.  I closed the book quietly and placed it back on the desk.
“And the prince saves the princess,” I rolled my eyes.  “How stereotypical.”
Ciel grinned slightly and took his seat at the head of the desk.  It was strange.  He was so young but circumstances had forced him to act twice his age.  As I watched him, my face remained impassive.
“I was bored,” Ciel said simply.  “And that was the closest book at hand.”
“Ah,” I rested my head in my hand lazily.  “I see.  So did you want me to do something?  Sebastian said you wa
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 193 69
Kuroshitsuji - Gaze sweet - by mechiistar Kuroshitsuji - Gaze sweet - :iconmechiistar:mechiistar 277 37 Kuroshitsuji - Shiebas - Amazing love by mechiistar Kuroshitsuji - Shiebas - Amazing love :iconmechiistar:mechiistar 216 17 Kuroshitsuji - Dessert baby shiel - by mechiistar Kuroshitsuji - Dessert baby shiel - :iconmechiistar:mechiistar 221 14 Sebby Daddy by Calling-All-Angelz Sebby Daddy :iconcalling-all-angelz:Calling-All-Angelz 274 35 Ciel Phantomhive's Booty ? :D by Qito-kun Ciel Phantomhive's Booty ? :D :iconqito-kun:Qito-kun 19 29 AloCiel ~ Want to play? ^^ by timii95 AloCiel ~ Want to play? ^^ :icontimii95:timii95 87 19 Alois ~Q10~ by x-Ask-Alois-x Alois ~Q10~ :iconx-ask-alois-x:x-Ask-Alois-x 14 29 Alois ~Q8~ by x-Ask-Alois-x Alois ~Q8~ :iconx-ask-alois-x:x-Ask-Alois-x 16 26
Waking up -Alois x Reader- oneshot
You woke up in a wide open field.
"Where am I?" you thought while getting up and looking around you.
Behind you was a big forest and in front of you was a BIG villa.
"How did I get here?" you thought when it started to rain.
"Oh great." You said out loud.
"I guess I've got no other choice but to ask the people who live in that villa to give me shelter." You thought while you walked  towards the house.
You walked up the stairs and searched for a door bell. Since you couldn't find one you decided to just knock.
Right after you knocked someone opened the door.
You saw a tall handsome butler whit glasses.
"Can I help you?" he asked.
"Um, yeah. Could I take shelter for the rain here?" you asked.
"You can." He said and stepped aside so you could walk in.
It was BIG!! You were amazed by all the expensive looking things in the house and thought it would be a wise decision to stay away from them before you would break anything.
"This way please." The butler said.
You followed him to w
:iconnekkohime:Nekkohime 668 331
''I like you too!''-Truth or dare - Honey x reader
~FINNALY I HAVE STOPPED PROCRASTINATING and I will continue my long lost fan fiction of OHSHC. Have fun!~
You walked into the Hitachiin mansion looking around in awe while Bob (His name is James but sounds too mainstream ect.) closed the door and walked over to you to pick up your rather small suitcase and set it in the guestroom.
You were looking at the great diamond chandelier while it shimmered beautifully, but then you heard the Hitachiin twins shouting things. You couldn't care less about them but you wanted to know why they were stupid enough almost fall off the flight of stairs as they shouted their opening which went as followed;
" Hello people! Welcome to our.. *cough* commoner *cough* Sleepover!"
You were slightly angered though but you kept silent, your endurance slowly fading away.
"Tch, true idiots.." you said with a hint of venom in your words. Hikaru and Kaoru looked looked at you with an eyebrow raise,
"Talk all you want, dear.." They suddenly stood next to you, rather
:iconsaylila:saylila 92 34
Honey-Senpai X Reader Sleepover
It was a snowy night and you were reading some fanfiction,at home alone because your
parents needed to go on a bussiness trip to a far away country.
You did'nt mind it at all, you were used to it.
Out of nowhere your phone began to rang. "Ah who is calling me right at this moment!"
crabby, you anwserd your phone. It were the twins.
-"Hiiiiiiii (Name)~ We were about to have a sleepover at our place!" they said.
-"Well i'm doing some SERIOUS business!" you said wanting to read the rest of the story.
-"Reading fanfiction isnt 'SERIOUS' business..." you heard hikaru say.
-"Hey! How do you know i read fanfiction!?" you yelled at them.
-"Thaaat's a seeeeecreeeet~. But anyway do you wanna come? Haruhi is like the only girl
and it would be more fun if our favorite toy was here~".
-"Why would i? I'm perfectly fine on my own--" they interupted you
-"Honey wil be there~"
You widend your eyes with the fact that your crush is going to be
:iconsaylila:saylila 140 42
Honey-Senpai X Reader Sleepover: Hide and Seek!
(Kyouya:Well they say the third time, the last time.)
(Me:I DON'T CARE!!!!)
You knew these games were'nt real games,Atleast thats what you thought.
"Were gonna play..." the twins said building up the tence. "Hide and seek!!"
You jumped in the air of joy! You loved to play hide and seek , they never found you~...or they just forgot you...(hetalia!canada reference~)
While you jumped, Honey jumped with you but you forgot the fact he was hugging you and you blushed crimson red.
"Are you okay (name)-chan?~" he asked you cutely.
You just stutterd out:"E-euuh...y-yeah...thanks~ h-hehehe~"
Before you would do anything more stupid, Haruhi asked:"Who's gonna count?"
Kaoru pointed at her and said "Haruhi go count!All the rest go hide!"
Before any of you went off searching for a hiding place Hikaru said "You can hide everywhere in the house! Even in th
:iconsaylila:saylila 199 107



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